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In the judgment of the Russian critics Evgeny Brazhnik is one of the best opera conductors of the country. The confirmation of this can prove his honorary titles – the People’s Artist of Russia, the Russia’s State Prize laureate, a professor – which mark the art of the musician who has dedicated forty years of his life to a conductor’s calling.

Having received a musical education at the St. Petersburg and Ural conservatories, Evgeny Brazhnik began his conductor’s activity in the seventies. At present he has in his repertoire more than 50 opera and ballet productions, performed in various cities of Russia and abroad.

Evgeny Brazhnik’s artistic geography includes practically all important cities of Russia. He toured abroad in the USA, South Korea, China, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Israel.

Among the conductor’s works it must be specially marked the production of Mussorgsky’s “Boris Godunov” in Lloyd-Jones version, performed for the first time in Russia at the Ekaterinburg Opera. One needs to recall his Rimsky-Korsakov’s “The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh” as a first experience in co-producing; the production has found a second life as a recording, which has become an important contribution to a discography of the opera art. As a conductor E. Brazhnik was awarded the USSR State Prize for the production of Kobekin’s opera “The Prophet”.

Evgeny Brazhnik’s activity is highly appreciated in a lot of various reviews. For example, Petr Pospelov wrote for the “Izvestia” newspaper: “There are a very small number of conductors in Russia, who are able to perform Verdi. Maestro Brazhnik is a rare example of a domestic conductor who knows a secret of Verdian theatricality, has a faultless sense of proportion, is a master of the art to guide and help an artist.” And here is an appreciation given by Andrey Khripin in the newspaper “Nezavisimaya”: “Evgeny Brazhnik is a maestro with a blameless interpreting reputation, a master of symphonic development and opera accompaniment.”

Evgeny Brazhnik collaborates with the Moscow Musical Theatre “Helikon Opera” since 1999, and from 2006 it’s on continuing basis.

A laureate of "The Golden Mask" theatre prize in "Opera. Conductor's work" for "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" performance in Musical theatre named after K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko (Moscow), 2012.

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